Call for Papers: Regimes of Energy Citizenship, Conference of Irish Geographers

24 February 2017   

Cork, Ireland – February 24, 2017. Abstract submissions are now being invited for a key session at the Conference of Irish Geographers, titled ‘Regimes of Energy Citizenship: thinking beyond market driven paradigms’. Hosted by University College Cork, the conference will run from May 4th – 6th.

The Energy Citizenship session is being convened under the aegis of the ENTRUST Project, which has concept of Energy citizenship at the core of its work. Session co-convenors, Niall Dunphy and Alexandra Revez, explain the significance of Energy Citizenship:

The ongoing shift towards a more sustainable energy future implies the decarbonisation of the energy system. This requires the active involvement and consent of citizens so that the necessary societal changes can take place.

However, evidence suggests that the dominant energy policies are market-driven and often conceive the public as ‘consumers’, which limits the public’s participation in energy-related matters. Ultimately, unless citizens have the means to participate beyond these confines, a sustainable energy agenda that takes into consideration both social equality and justice cannot be fully realised.

The Energy Citizenship session aims to facilitate interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary discussion concerning energy transitions and citizenship. UCC welcomes papers which explore these ideas to promote more active and equitable outcomes.

Looking to open up the path for alternative visions of energy citizenship would include:
• Evaluating and critiquing the value and role of market driven policies;
• Considering implications of different approaches to energy transitions and the forms of public participation that they support;
• Considering the multitude of every day spaces where energy citizenship is enacted;
• Tracing citizenship interactions between energy and other policy domains.

Please send your abstracts of no more than 250 words to by 5pm on Monday, 13th March.
We are also happy to discuss paper ideas with prospective presenters prior to the submission of your abstract.


About the Conference of Irish Geographers
The Conference of Irish Geographers is the annual conference of the Geographical Society of Ireland and the Schools of Geography in Higher Education institutions around the island of Ireland. It is hosted on a rotating basis by different institutions and has been running continuously since 1968. The Geographical Society of Ireland and the Department of Geography, UCC are delighted to host the 49th Conference of Irish Geographers which will take place from Thursday 4th of May to Saturday 6th of May 2017.

For information about abstract submissions, contact:
Dr Alexandra Lima Revez
University College Cork, CPPU
t: +353 21 4903129

For information about the ENTRUST H2020 project: Twitter: @entrusth2020