Citizen Jury discusses key issues in Le Trapeze, Paris

On October 3rd we had the pleasure of meeting again with the citizens of the eco-neighbourhood community of Le Trapeze. Using the format of a citizen jury, this community explored issues concerning the “human and societal dimensions” of the energy system. The focus of the citizen jury was on Le Trapèze as an eco-neighbourhood community: Vision – Reality – Future, as the event aimed to give continuity to previous citizen engagement exercises conducted in this community. Key issues identified in previous engagements included social cohesion, citizen involvement, renewable generation and energy conservation. The citizen jury process involved 11 participants from different backgrounds and ages, a planning team, two facilitators and expert witnesses. The day was structured into three sessions and we listened to three experts. In each session, the group received specialised information and then deliberated on this information, bringing their own ideas and experiences to the discussion. Organised in two round tables, each group exchanged ideas and tried to come up with an agreement on the key issues relating to the topic. In the first session, we focussed on what makes Le Trapèze an eco-neighbourhood community and on the "eco" aspects of this neighbourhood. We listened to an expert of the community, who opened up very interesting discussions on the development of the area; and what was the eventual reality in the neighbourhood. The second session was dedicated to citizen engagement and innovation for sustainable development. We hosted Marie-Laetitia Gourdin, Vice-President of Entreprendre Vert, which is a platform for entrepreneurs involved in sustainable development and brings loud and clear the voice of responsible and ecological entrepreneurship in France. Social innovation initiatives were presented and the role of innovation in the energy transition was discussed among participants. The third and last session covered the role of citizens in local energy initiatives, kicking off with Albert Ferrari, Head of Institutional Relations in Enercoop, a cooperative supplier of 100% renewable electricity in France. Issues such as energy self-consumption and investment options in local energy initiatives were debated in this session. The citizen jury successfully concluded with the examination of the Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats of an eco-neighbourhood community like Le Trapeze and produced potential recommendations for decision makers to help progress the evolution of a sustainable energy system. We are grateful for Le Trapeze Community who gave, once again, their time and energy to this project!