ENTRUST to hold two ‘Energy Days’ events

7 & 12 June 2016   
Energy Days are activities and events held during the month of June to raise awareness of energy efficiency and renewable energy - this year the ENTRUST project is holding two events in two of its communities of practice.

7 June 2016 | Energy Quiz & Community work shop
Community Hub, Stockbridge Village, Knowsley, L28 1NR, UK.
On Tuesday 7 June, Liverpool John Moores University are holding an energy quiz and community workshop in the Stockbridge village community hub. This fun event aims to increase participants’ knowledge of the energy system to stimulate debate and to allow participants imagine and discuss their desired community energy goals.

12 June 2016 | Energy Games at the Street Feast
Community Garden, Dunmanway, Co. Cork, Ireland.
University College Cork will be running ‘energy games’ in conjunction with the annual Street Feast in Dunmanway, Co. Cork. Young and old are invited to join us for fun activities, spot prizes, and food. These garden fête style games and competitions will be a fun way to get participants talking about and thinking about energy and its role in society. Each game will be themed on a particular aspect of the energy system and designed to be fun for both kids and adults.