Joint ENERGISE – ENTRUST sessions at RGS Conference on energy consumption and communities

25 Aug 2017   
ENTRUST has linked up with a complementary project ENERGISE to co-convene 2 sessions at the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2017, London on the topic of "Examining energy consumption and communities: The social, cultural and political dynamics of energy system transformations"
Session abstract: "Given the need for radical transformations to the ways in which energy is produced and consumed to address climate change, energy systems are transitioning from a centralized fossil-fuel based infrastructure towards a more diversified, low-carbon, and decentralized production model. While energy transitions are frequently framed as processes involving social and material consequences, such radical changes also constitute discursive dimensions involving debate, idea exchange and implementing low-carbon innovations. This transition involves potential for fundamental social, cultural, and institutional shifts in individual, household, and community assumptions about energy consumption as well as new opportunities for ownership, engagement and control of energy production."
Details of session one [30 August 2017, 14:40 - 16:20, Skempton Building, Lecture Theatre 207]

Details of session two [30 August 2017,16:50 - 18:30, Skempton Building, Lecture Theatre 207]

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