Bitcoin Suisse does Bitcoin advertising

Bitcoin Suisse does Bitcoin advertising at Zurich main station

Bitcoin Suisse has placed an interesting Bitcoin advertisement at Zurich Main Station.

The crypto-broker Bitcoin Suisse recently placed a Christmas ad at Zurich’s main railway station, in which Blockchain was also mentioned. The ad shows a piece of broccoli, a foot with shoe and a Bitcoin (BTC).

Above the pictures is the word New Year’s resolutions. Cointelegraph contacted Bitcoin Suisse and asked the company for a more Bitcoin Rejoin detailed explanation of the ad. Marc Baumann, Head of Marketing and Communication at the company, explained:

„You can eat a healthy diet, you can exercise, but nothing beats Bitcoin when it comes to investing in your future“.

To the left of the broccoli, the foot and the Bitcoin is another advertisement showing three Christmas trees

Below each of them are the years 2012, 2016 and 2020 and from left to right the next tree is always bigger than the previous one. The stars at the top of the trees look like the Ethereum symbol. Above it is written: Christmas with Bitcoin. Baumann explained to Cointelegraph that „Bitcoin increases in value every Christmas Eve“.

„In addition to Zurich Airport and our Bitcoin tram driving around Zurich, we thought that we should once again draw attention to Bitcoin because of its rising price and the successful ETH2 launch“.

Baumann showed the crypto-growth in 2020 by means of several aspects. For example, big names have now entered the industry, such as Paul Tudor Jones. The de fi sector is also booming.

„Of course, this display does not reflect that in depth, but it is a beautiful symbol of increasing acceptance,“ he said. Bitcoin Suisse has also placed other ads near airports and has also painted a tram in Bitcoin Suisse colours.

Over the years, other Bitcoin and Krypto ads have also appeared. On television, for example, Grayscale has also made advertisements for it.