Extremadura will be the next epicenter of opportunities for Blockchain and other technologies in Spain

The Iberian Institute of Blockchain and the firms of the financial and source area have organized a forum that will count with national and international personalities in the matter of Cybersecurity, technological innovation and Blockchain among other aspects.

The Diplomatic World Institute, the European Foundation Finnova, Eternity and the School of Business and Management are part of the sponsors of the event, which will be held under the modality of presence and virtual. This new event will take place in Badajoz on October 16th.

The coronavirus effect has allowed companies to modernize the way they carry out events and meetings. It is increasingly common to find webinars, forums and business meetings remotely, and that is the new way to carry out business and meetings to avoid the proliferation of virus infections.

This new reality, has made both entrepreneurs and investors adapt to the new challenges of isolation, but at the same time allows to boost the economy that so much needs to be revived at this time.

Telefónica opens Open Future call for technology companies and the Blockchain sector

The main objectives of the meeting will be the application in the public sphere, the functionality for public administration and the importance of the new sectors of Blockchain technology, cyber security or digitalization applied to government sectors.

The forum is expected to be developed in a pillar of areas, the first in relation to a space for training in the matters of the forum, namely the blockchain, cyber security and digitization of production processes and on the other hand is the possibility of generating business opportunities and business networking, which is also linked to the ecosystem of entrepreneurs and innovators.

Confirmed speakers

Miguel Escassi, who was responsible for the digital agenda of the Chilean Government, Agustin Argelich, expert in Smart Cities and member of the Intelligent Community Forum, as well as Juan Manuel Revuelta who is the general director of the Finnova Foundation, and Massimiliano Dragoni, responsible for the General Direction of CNECT of the European Commission. Great personalities within the blockchain world and international references who know in depth the scope of the benefits of blockchain and new technologies

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The event that will take place in the city of Extremadura, will have a series of workshops, working tables and networking spaces with the participation of more than 30 speakers.

Extremadura chosen for Blockchain events
In Extremadura the Bitcoin Revolution events have been increasing, it seems that the autonomous community is making a leap to technology. It is no longer only characterized by its pastures in Dehesa, cherries, olive oil, in general for its rich and unique agricultural production. Companies like Telefónica de España recently opened an Open Future call for those companies that develop blockchain technology to participate in the program carried out by the multinational.

Telefónica launches TrustOS, an operating system that facilitates Blockchain
This new program of Telefónica, has been launched to accelerate the development of companies, organizations and projects based on blockchain giving the respective financial support.

The largest multinational in Spain in the area of communications will have the call open from September 15 to October 27 this year and is aimed at companies, startups that are dedicated to the development of blockchain technology within the business sector.

With this Open Future program, Telefónica is creating the necessary and appropriate spaces for companies that develop this type of technology to be able to transmit their experiences and potential related to networking. From all the proposals received, only about six startups will be chosen to participate in the blockchain acceleration program.

The accompaniment of the program indicates that in four months the participating companies will receive advice from a pool of specialized mentors for the creation of the largest, best and most recognized business network that has been created.