22. Februar 2024

LUNC Price Prediction 2023: Will It Reach $0.0005?

• Terra Classic (LUNC) is a cryptocurrency launched by Do Kwon’s Terraform Labs in 2019.
• It was initially used as a collateral token for TerraUSD (USTC), an algorithmic stablecoin.
• In 2023, the bullish LUNC price prediction is $0.00017006 to $0.00033795, and bearish LUNC price prediction is $0.00008430.

What Is Terra Classic (LUNC)?

Terra Classic (LUNC) is one of the cryptocurrencies that can never be forgotten by the crypto community. The wild crash of this token is a major catastrophic story of the 2022 bear market. Terra Classic (LUNC) was launched by Do Kwon’s Terraform Labs in 2019. The old version of the blockchain, Terra Classic, was launched as a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain built on Cosmos SDK and Tendermint. LUNC existed as a collateral token that backed a family of decentralized stablecoins of the Terra ecosystem. Terra ClassicUSD (USTC) is Terra’s algorithmic stablecoin that was backed by LUNC. Later, in order to regain their spot in the market, Do Kwon and the Terra team came up with the creation of a new blockchain devoid of the algo-stablecoin and launched the new coin called Terra (LUNA).

Current Market Status Of Lunc

Terra Classic (LUNC) holds 55th position on CoinGecko right now and its current price is $0.00016188 with 24 hour trading volume of $74,617,571 and 24 hour price change 5% down which circulating supply 5,914,874,445 ,105 all time high being 119$.18 on April 05 ,2022 .

Price Prediction For 2023

In 2023 ,the bullish LUNC Price prediction stands at 0 .00017006 – 0 .00033795 while Bearish Lunc Price prediction for 2023 stands at 0 .00008430 .The above chart laid out Descending Channel pattern which if continues may reach resistance levels at 0 .00018731 & 0 .00020942 while if trend reverses it may fall to 0 .00015239 level

RSI & RVOL Analysis

RSI & RVOL analysis also predicts positive momentum for LUCR as RSI has been hovering around 60 mark indicating good buying pressure while RVOL signals that recent volume is higher than usual average volume which means more people are interested to invest in LUCR which could further push prices up soon


For now ,it seems like investors should keep an eye out on LUCR prices as more investors are showing interest towards it due to its potential growth based on RSI & RVOL analysis whereas if we look into descending channel pattern then it indicates bearish outlook but with proper risk management strategies any investor can make profits from it