Sail Away with Catamaran Guru & Trippy Sailors NFT Collection!

• Catamaran Guru and Trippy Sailors Adventure Club have teamed up to launch an NFT collection with sailing perks for its members.
• This collection opens up a completely new market for the yachting industry, while allowing members to connect with like-minded individuals and win free vacations.
• The two companies will offer hundreds of sailing trips around the British Virgin Islands and The Bahamas.

Catamaran Guru & Trippy Sailors Adventure Club Launch NFT Collection

Catamaran Guru, the number one go-to company for catamaran owners with a global sailing community, announced today an exciting collaboration with Trippy Sailors Adventure Club. The two companies aim to promote and educate about the world of sailing and open access to high-end exclusive sailing trips through NFT gated experiences.

NFTs Expanding Beyond Digital Art

This year, global brands like Starbucks, Alo Yoga and Amazon are expanding the utility of NFTs beyond digital art to areas such as ownership verification, memberships, ticketing and metaverse implementations. Although the initial hype around NFTs has decreased in recent months, it is estimated that the global market size will reach $211.72 billion by 2030 and they are bound to break into the global travel industry this year.

Catamaran Guru’s Reputation & Industry Connections

Catamaran Guru has multiple crewed yachts operating successfully in charter business programs in locations around the world. With 30 years in the business, Catamaran Guru has helped hundreds of successful yachting businesses and individuals create and operate their vessels while building a strong community amongst sailors. Estelle Cockcroft founder of Catamaran Guru said „We recognize that there is a generational change happening in travel…It is a tremendous opportunity to cultivate a new generation of sailors.“

Trippy Sailors Adventure Club

Trippy Sailors Adventure Club (TSAC) is an innovative NFT collection with travel utility centered around love for travel, adventures and sailing. By owning at least one of 5555 Trippy Sailor NFT’s members get to connect with like-minded individuals form travel groups all while having a chance to win free vacations! Through this partnership TSAC will provide hundreds of exclusive sailing trips around British Virgin Islands & The Bahamas where they can enjoy state-of-the-art crewed catamarans!

Global Market Size Bound To Reach 211$ Billion By 2030

The global market size for NTF’s is predicted to reach $211.72 billion by 2030 making it crucial for companies such as Catmaran Gurus & Trippy Sailors Adventure club teaming up together & providing their customers opportunities like never before!